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November 15, 2021

Below is a list of 20 minute time slots. Time slots all ready selected by others to pray to end abortions will display their username.

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All time slots are in EST (New York, NY). Time Zone Converstion

Time Prayer
12:00am Available
12:20am Available
12:40am Available
1:00am Available
1:20am Available
1:40am Available
2:00am Available
2:20am Available
2:40am Available
3:00am Available
3:20am Available
3:40am Available
4:00am Available
4:20am Available
4:40am Available
5:00am Available
5:20am Available
5:40am GTARTL
6:00am Available
6:20am Available
6:40am Marge
7:00am Available
7:20am Available
7:40am Available
8:00am Available
8:20am Available
8:40am Available
9:00am Available
9:20am Available
9:40am Available
10:00am Available
10:20am Available
10:40am Available
11:00am Available
11:20am Available
11:40am Available
12:00pm Available
12:20pm Available
12:40pm Available
1:00pm Available
1:20pm Available
1:40pm Available
2:00pm Available
2:20pm Available
2:40pm Available
3:00pm Available
3:20pm Available
3:40pm Available
4:00pm Available
4:20pm Available
4:40pm Available
5:00pm Available
5:20pm Available
5:40pm Available
6:00pm Available
6:20pm Available
6:40pm Available
7:00pm Available
7:20pm Available
7:40pm Available
8:00pm Available
8:20pm Available
8:40pm Available
9:00pm Available
9:20pm Available
9:40pm Available
10:00pm Available
10:20pm Available
10:40pm Available
11:00pm Available
11:20pm Available
11:40pm Available
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US Time Zone Converstion

5:00pm EST = 4:00pm CST
5:00pm EST = 3:00pm MST
5:00pm EST = 2:00pm PST
5:00pm EST = 1:00pm AKST
5:00pm EST = 12:00pm HAST